Welcome to my website


I want to take the time to welcome you to my new website. Thanks for checking it out, reading whatever I put on here, and hopefully you will enjoy checking out photos of my tattoos and artwork. As you may already know, my name is Ciaran and I professionally tattoo at Lakeside Tattoo in Pewaukee, a great tattoo shop just outside of Milwaukee. Before landing here, I worked at a tattoo shop in Milwaukee, where I grew up after moving to the United States from South Africa. For nearly a decade I’ve been tattooing so I thought it was about time to start my own website. Besides for saying welcome, I thought I should explain a little bit why I decided to create a website and what function this blog is meant to serve.

So why should a tattoo artist in Milwaukee have a website? I started using social media outlets not too long ago and found it was a great way to keep in contact with other artists, past clients, and a way to reach prospective new customers. People often want to see past and current work from a tattoo artist and social media has provided a great way to do that. My website is meant to aggregate these social media platforms, provide a new outlet for putting up pictures, and it has useful contact info. Another great aspect of having a website is that I can occasionally put up blog posts. It seems everyone has a website, so if you can’t beat them, I guess you have to join them.

At this point you probably are wondering what purpose a blog serves a tattoo artist in Milwaukee. Don’t worry—it isn’t so I can blog every weird detail of my life. Basically I want to use this blog to serve several functions. The first is to give other artists, past clients, and prospective new customers some information about myself and my artwork. The second function is to keep anyone who is interested posted on important information—for example if I am attending a tattoo convention and won’t be tattooing in Milwaukee on a specific weekend, or if I am traveling and once again won’t be available. Finally, the third function is to inform on basic tattoo information. As an artist, I’m often asked a lot of questions concerning things like taking care of a tattoo, cover-up ideas, or whatever else, and I thought I could put some of this information out there based on my experience for anyone who might be interested.

Anyway that is my intention for this website and for using this blog, but just like my artwork, it probably will continuously evolve and lead places I never thought it would. Thanks again for checking it out and hopefully you’ll come back to see photos and read a bit about what I am up to.