New Studio!

I want to let everyone know that I will be moving to a brand new studio. Lakeside tattoo will phase out and no longer exist. The same artists and piercer will be staying together under a new studio Pewaukee Tattoo Parlour. 

We are just moving down the street a little way, so we are in the same area. (only a few buildings over from the current Lakeside Tattoo location)

We will keep the existing Facebook page and phone number (262-695-7565)

We are all very excited about the new space and we can't wait to show all of our amazing clients. We look forward to continuing working with all of our clients and we hope you will stop by, take a look and get your next appointment scheduled!

Pewaukee Tattoo Parlour LLC

125 Oakton Ave

Pewaukee WI, 53072

Minneapolis Tattoo Arts Convention January 2014

Upcoming Tattoo Convention Update

I am pleased to announce that in a few days I will be working my first tattoo convention. Tattoo conventions are great places to meet other tattoo artists and serious enthusiasts. While I have visited some before, this is the first time I will actually be doing work at one and hopefully I can sell some art too. I also look forward to checking out new supplies, artwork, clothing, and everything else tattoo related. Hopefully I and some other artists can represent the tattoo scene in Milwaukee and Wisconsin well.

In case you were hoping to get a tattoo in the Milwaukee area, I’ll be out of our tattoo shop in Pewaukee for a few days—the convention is the Minneapolis Tattoo Arts Convention and I am there from January 10th through the 12th.  World famous tattoo artists will be there, burlesque dancers, sideshow performances, and there is a tattoo contest. Should be a good time but I am more concerned with meeting people, seeing interesting new things, and hopefully a few people will be interested in my work. The convention runs from 2:00 pm to midnight on Friday, 11:00 am to midnight on Saturday, and 11:00 am to 8:00 pm on Sunday. It is at the Hyatt Regency Minneapolis at 1300 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis, MN 55403.

Hope to see you there, otherwise wish me luck. I’ll be back tattooing in Pewaukee soon.  

Caring For Your New Tattoo


Professional tattoo artists in Milwaukee, or at one of the many shops in the surrounding area, often will give useful advice on how to properly care for a new tattoo. Many times though I get calls asking to repeat what I said, or people telling me they didn’t take care of one in the past and they regret it. I thought sharing some useful tips on this website would be a good idea, so here is the first, how you should take care of your new tattoo.

As you probably know, once leaving the tattoo shop, you will have a temporary bandage covering the tattoo. This should stay on for at least 2-3 hours. It allows your skin to calm down from the irritation and to suppress any bleeding.

At this point you will remove the bandage after thoroughly washing your hands. If the tattoo is in a location that is difficult to reach, have someone help you with this. Wash the tattoo and surrounding area gently but thoroughly with warm water and antibacterial hand soap (such as Dial soft soap). Be sure to remove any and all remaining ink and residue from Vaseline or whatever product your tattoo artist in Milwaukee has used. After cleaning the area, gently pat dry with a clean towel or paper towel.

For the first 48 hours repeat this process about two or three times per day. Be sure to wear comfortable loose clothing on and around the area of the new tattoo to prevent irritation and rubbing. It is also a good idea to wear older clothes that are not as important to you since your tattoo could seep some ink onto your clothing and possibly stain it. Having clean bedding is also recommended for these first few days.

After two days of cleaning, you will now begin using a fragrance and color free lotion (such as Lubriderm or Currel, some aftercare products can also be used like H2Ocean or whatever your artist recommends). Apply lotion two to three times per day to keep tattoo and area moisturized and prevent drying out. Continue moisturizing the tattoo for at least three to four weeks.

Your tattoo should peal within about a week of getting it done. This is normal and should not be rushed. Allow your skin to heal on its own by simply moisturizing it to keep it from drying out. Some scabbing may occur and will eventually heal smoothly—just be patient and keep the area moisturized. A tattoo typically takes around two to four weeks to fully heal; everyone is a bit different and the weather In Milwaukee will probably help determine how long for healing as well.  

Another little bit of advice: getting your new tattoo wet is not a problem; you just want to avoid soaking it. Also be sure to completely avoid swimming and hot tubs—especially anything with chlorine. Showering is fine as long as you wash around the tattoo area with your regular soaps and avoid too long an exposure to water. Also avoid direct sunlight and tanning for the first few weeks. Doing so will result in fading and loss of vibrancy in pigments. Once the tattoo is fully healed apply heavy sunblock generously to the tattoo area to prevent any damage from the sun. Do not scratch or pick at the tattoo. Doing so will result in prematurely removing dead skin that still contains pigment and therefore could remove some color.  The tattoo will peal on its own and should not be rushed. If it is itchy just gently pat or apply some lotion. Finally if you have any questions please contact your artist, do not ask your friends for advice as we are the professionals and that is why we are here! We want your tattoo to heal smoothly and quickly for the best possible resulting final product. Hopefully this guide will help you out next time you get a tattoo, but once again, contact your artists if you have any problems or further questions.   

Ciaran Korb Arts: More than Just Tattoos

My main medium for art, and the way I make a living, is doing tattoos in Milwaukee. I also enjoy exploring other mediums for doing art—for that reason, I am first and foremost an artist, and I do more than just tattoos. Drawing and sketching with pencils and markers is something I do daily, but painting is becoming a favorite activity of mine, allowing me to create and play with new techniques and ideas. Drawing and painting allows me to focus on the things I love to create without any of the influence and pressure from tattooing clients in Milwaukee.

 Drawing has been a lifelong passion of mine—always putting me in a good mood no matter what else is going on. The sense of creating something really gives me the sense of accomplishment that only creating something from nothing can give. Expressing my ideas and imagination is a really freeing experience and I love sharing my work. My drawings and sketches mostly consist of using either color pencils or different colored markers to roughly sketch and layout a design. From this I refine until I have a more precise line drawing. This is a similar method to what I do for almost every tattoo design. Sketching revolves around practice and research. I am always looking for new ways of designing and improving my work, gaining inspiration from other artists and applying them to my work. Occasionally I also create drawings in charcoal, markers, and other less commonly used instruments. Frequent drawing makes me a better tattoo artist in Milwaukee, and tattooing inspires me to continually practice drawing.  


Painting allows me to create life on a whole new level that can transcend drawing. There is a sense of freedom in painting and just letting ideas run wild. Some works can get very abstract and nonspecific, while others can be very precise and detailed. I tend to steer towards Japanese inspired art works with most of my paintings, being greatly influenced from traditional wood block prints and motifs—a carryover from my interest in Japanese style tattoos. Nature tends to be my biggest influence and what I enjoy doing the most. Chagall is right, “great art picks up where nature ends.” Animals, plants, natural settings, are what come most naturally to me and fit very well with Japanese motifs. I work mostly with oil paints as it tends to feel more natural. Bob Ross and his techniques utilizing thick texture to create an interesting natural scene have taught me a lot. Other influences come from artists like Alex Grey, Jeff Gogue, and Mike Godfrey. All of whom are exceptional painters and artists who always inspire and teach me.

I look forward to many new projects as I build my skills and portfolio. Obviously I am dedicated to professional tattooing in the Milwaukee area, but also wanted to share with you the other side of my artistic interests. Some of these works are available for sale, but mostly I hope you just enjoy taking a look at some of the photos of my work. Art is not just something a person does, but it’s rather a lifestyle and passion, and thanks for letting me share it with you on this website. 

Welcome to my website


I want to take the time to welcome you to my new website. Thanks for checking it out, reading whatever I put on here, and hopefully you will enjoy checking out photos of my tattoos and artwork. As you may already know, my name is Ciaran and I professionally tattoo at Lakeside Tattoo in Pewaukee, a great tattoo shop just outside of Milwaukee. Before landing here, I worked at a tattoo shop in Milwaukee, where I grew up after moving to the United States from South Africa. For nearly a decade I’ve been tattooing so I thought it was about time to start my own website. Besides for saying welcome, I thought I should explain a little bit why I decided to create a website and what function this blog is meant to serve.

So why should a tattoo artist in Milwaukee have a website? I started using social media outlets not too long ago and found it was a great way to keep in contact with other artists, past clients, and a way to reach prospective new customers. People often want to see past and current work from a tattoo artist and social media has provided a great way to do that. My website is meant to aggregate these social media platforms, provide a new outlet for putting up pictures, and it has useful contact info. Another great aspect of having a website is that I can occasionally put up blog posts. It seems everyone has a website, so if you can’t beat them, I guess you have to join them.

At this point you probably are wondering what purpose a blog serves a tattoo artist in Milwaukee. Don’t worry—it isn’t so I can blog every weird detail of my life. Basically I want to use this blog to serve several functions. The first is to give other artists, past clients, and prospective new customers some information about myself and my artwork. The second function is to keep anyone who is interested posted on important information—for example if I am attending a tattoo convention and won’t be tattooing in Milwaukee on a specific weekend, or if I am traveling and once again won’t be available. Finally, the third function is to inform on basic tattoo information. As an artist, I’m often asked a lot of questions concerning things like taking care of a tattoo, cover-up ideas, or whatever else, and I thought I could put some of this information out there based on my experience for anyone who might be interested.

Anyway that is my intention for this website and for using this blog, but just like my artwork, it probably will continuously evolve and lead places I never thought it would. Thanks again for checking it out and hopefully you’ll come back to see photos and read a bit about what I am up to.